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How to send a remix or mash up of a Revealed Track
How to send a remix or mash up of a Revealed Track

Find out how send your remix or mashup of a Revealed track for consideration

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The following also applies to sending your promo for Hardwell on Air or remix (bootleg/mashup) of an existing Revealed song for an official release consideration.

There are 2 ways to send your demo to Revealed Recordings. We check all demos submitted both ways. 

  1. Submit your demo the old way by using our demo form:

If you choose to send a demo the old way, please consider that your demo is checked in batches. We listen to every demo, but due to the amount received we cannot give individual feedback. If we like it, we will contact you within 2-3 weeks. 

We launched Revealed Pro for producers who desire feedback on their recent productions. Even if we believe your track doesn’t suit our label, you will still receive short feedback (usually 2-4 sentences) on how it can improve. With Pro you can also send us new versions so we can help guide you to deliver the best possible demo. 

If we think the production/idea is strong enough, we will forward it to the next round of feedback so the head of A&R and Hardwell can decide if it's going to be signed or played on Hardwell on Air as a ‘Demo of the Week’. Every week we sign new demos from the old and new demo system. ‘Demo of the Weeks’ will get featured on the website and on our Spotify Playlists. You will receive a contract and assets to promote your release. 

We ask for a small monthly fee of € 19,95 so we can invest in time, technology, and sample packs so you will have all the tools to create the next Revealed Banger. 

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