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How do I get signed by Revealed?
How do I get signed by Revealed?

Our advice to producers who want to get signed by Revealed Recordings.

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This is our #1 most frequently asked question. How do I get signed by Revealed or what are the "requirements" to getting signed? 

The short answer: there's no secret way to getting signed by us. 

Most producers/artists believe they must meet specific requirements when submitting their demo. At Revealed, we don't look at your amount of Facebook likes or how rich your parents are. We don't care if you are 14 or 54 years old. It all comes down to great music. If you make great electronic music you will get signed by us.  

Of course, the music style has to fit our label. We are looking for electronic music that is original, fresh, melodic, catchy, and/or are festival bangers. 

We also sign music that Hardwell likes for his radio show and livesets. Eventually, if your demo reaches the second round of feedback, Hardwell will check to see if your track fits on these platforms. If he can play it, we’re interested. 

Tip: If you want to get a release on Revealed just imagine your track being played at a big festival, club, or gym. Will it work? Does it have energy? Is the production original, catchy, melodic, or a banger? 

We always advise producers to focus on making music and not on gaining likes or followers. If you make great music, likes and followers will eventually come as you build an audience through our platform. 

So just to be clear, you don't need the following:

  1. X amount of Likes/Followers.

  2. Rich parents. 

  3. Be old or young to be eligible for a release.

  4. Expensive gear or a studio. 

What DOES help is to have a real following so you can promote your own music, and a bit of money to get access to Revealed Pro and Revealed Sample Packs. Studio monitors, software, and a midi keyboard can definitely enhance your production, although not required.

Once we have signed your first track with Revealed, we will help build your career with new releases, event opportunities, and to create a story around your music. We always push new talents through the Revealed platform. New music and artists are very important to us. 

If you would like to learn more about getting your music heard by the Revealed team, take a look at this article where we explain how you can send your demos. 

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