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What is the status of my demo?
What is the status of my demo?

Find out how to view the status of your demo

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Click on "My Demo" to see the status of all your demos. Every decision is final so it's useless to respond or to dispute the decision. Double demo uploads will result in a ban so don't upload the demo again!

We do listen to every demo so don't worry about yours, it can take up to 2 weeks before you will see a response. 

Your demo hasn't been checked by our team yet.

It's our "2nd Round", this means your demo was accepted for a deeper analysis by our A&R team. 

Your demo was very good! This is the final step before we decide what demos are we going to sign. Please wait for our message, we will let you know in case it was chosen.

Congratulations! Your demo will be signed by us. Please wait for our message to continue the process.

Your demo is waiting for our team to give you feedback about it. Only PRO and PRO PLUS members get personal feedback.

Unfortunately, we didn't feel the demo was strong enough for our labels and we decided to pass.

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