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How does Revealed deal with copyright on Youtube, Synchs etc.
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We understand that you want to have permission to use our music on platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitch etc. At the moment we are working hard on streamlining this process.

This is what you can't do:
❌ Upload a full track on Youtube (Meaning our music contains more than 65% of the video)
❌ Give away our music on platforms on any social media channel platform. Meaning linking to a free download from one of our tracks, this includes our free downloads.
❌ Never use Paying Shortlinks that will monetize our content
❌ You can't use our (video) music if you will use it to announce an event, product, release or if you want to use it in a (commercial) movie, tv show. Rule of thumb: If you make money of our music you can't use it without approval. 

If you don't have written approval we will take down the video or sound recording. 

This is what you can do. Note: We are allowed to monetise your video.

✅ Use a small snippet of our music on Youtube and other platforms. 

✅ Use our music in user generated content (Insta Stories, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube) as long it's not used in full.
✅ You can use our music if it's in the background of a video, so if you're streaming on Twitch and the main goal is not to play or upload music but to play a game than it's fine. 

At all times you need to credit the artist, label and mention the link or otherwise we can block the video. You can find these credits on the official Youtube Upload (use the first 2-3 sentences). 

If you're looking for music you can use in your livestreams, twitch channel, youtube channel please fill in this form. If you're not monetizing it. We will send you a package of music (pre-cleared) you can use without have to worry about take downs and copyright issues.

If you're looking for written permission to use any of our songs for your commercial project than you need to fill in this form (movie, trailers, synchs, commercial use etc):

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions using the chat button

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