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Can I see an example of Pro feedback?
Can I see an example of Pro feedback?
Check out the example of pro feedback on a demo.
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Example #1 

I think the drop has good potential and the intro caught my attention. I think it needs some work still though. I think you could make the leads and the bass + kick tighter with each other, now they sound a bit messy, try to work with busses to glue everything together so it sounds tighter 

I think the break is a bit to long also, this wouldn't work in the clubs or festivals because people would get bored. Try to find something rhythmic or unique that will make a club go crazy throughout the whole song.

Example #2

I think the vocal is pretty cool and have a lot of edgy touch. The instrumental could get some work when it comes to the whole sound, I would make the break parts a bit more deeper with the percussions and samples you use, to really create a good vibe where the sounds dont interfere to much with the vocal
Check Bruno Mars songs for reference in this kind of style when it comes to production

I think the chord sounds in the drop sounds pretty cool, but they could need some more work to really comply with the percussions and other sounds you use in the drop, spend around 10 more hours on fine tuning everything so nothing sounds out of the box in terms of the production box, you want to make sure all the sounds are in harmony with each other, this also counts for the vocal 

Example #3

I think the drop idea has potential but the rest have to be worked on, the intro sounds to basic (you should consider an intro and outro as part of the song that a listener should be interested listening to and not just for DJs)

I am not so sold on the vocal in this one, I think the breaks are a bit to messy with melodies and I think thats why I feel confused when listening to the break because you have partly instrumental leads but also lead melodies from the vocal, try to clean that up a bit
I think the build up is great, and the melody in the drop is great but I would work a bit more on getting the lead more clear and crisp, now they sound a bit to high end 

Example #4

I think the demo needs more work on the arrangement and mixing/mastering wise
Now the vibe in the drop is a bit empty, would look into add more lead layers for the mid frequencies and also perhaps add an bass to your kick to get a bit more crunch out of it

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